CCT Blog: Lullabies for Little Criminals

Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O’Neill is an amazing novel about a young 12 , soon to be 13 year old girl named Baby. It shows her struggles and the way she copes with it. The novel is very heartbreaking, but is presented in a comedic way at some points.

Baby is a sad example of what is going on around us daily. Although it is just a fictional story, it was very eyeopening to me. This book had a huge impact on me, making me feel more grateful for how I was raised and everything I have.

Baby is stuck in unfortunate circumstances with poverty, a drug addicted father and towards the end she struggles with drugs herself. At such a young age she is still trying to figure herself out and with no guidance, this is very hard for her. Her free spirit also does not help with her situation. When she gets involved with Alphonse, a pimp, she pretty much is destined for failure.

The saddest part about Baby’s life to me is when she gets involved with prostitution. All the money she makes off it goes straight to Alphonse, leaving her with little to none. It makes me wonder what she is doing it for? From what I can conclude it is to feel wanted by somebody. She gets this sense of wanting to belong from the innocent archetype she betrays. It is sad that she gives her body away to these old men just to feel something.

Lullabies for Little Criminals is just one representation of how some kids are growing up nowadays. Baby’s story may be fictional, but the impact it had on me was very substantial. Now I feel more grateful and glad that I now know more about myself and the world around me, both the good and the bad.

The Serial Case: Proving Adnan’s Innocence

The Case

Hae Min Lee was a popular, intelligent and bright senior in high school. Tragedy struck Baltimore County in 1999 when she went missing one day and was later found murdered in a park. The main suspect, and later convicted killer, Adnan Syed (her ex-boyfriend). Her ex-boyfriend was convicted solely on one witness’s confession. He was sentenced life in prison and still remains there after the case was reopened.

The Evidence

Obviously Adnan was a suspect in the case due to his relation to Hae Min Lee. Being her ex-boyfriend seems suspicious to many of us, but in this case he had no reason to commit the crime.

“I had no reason to kill her.”, Adnan said in the Serial Tapes.

There was one witness who came forward named Jay Wilds. He claimed to have been shown her body by Adnan and assisted him in burying the body the park. The interviews done between Jay Wilds and the Baltimore county police seem sketchy. The police seem to feed Jay the story and fill in the blanks for him. The interviews are inconsistent and choppy. This one fragile allegation made against Adnan was essentially what got him charged. There were no traces of Adnan’s DNA on the body or near where the body was found in the park. In fact the DNA found was not even tested. My question is: why did they use one person’s accusation to decide this case? To me this is poor police work and could possibly have sent the wrong person to jail.

“Physical evidence collected in 1999 was not tested for DNA during the initial trial process.”

The Alibi

There was an alibi for Adnan Syed the day and time of Hae Min Lee’s disappearance, that contradicts the claim made by Jay. Asia Mclain says she talked to Adnan that day in the town’s public library. This alibi was not investigated further and was pretty much brushed off to the side. This could have been a big break for Adnan and it could have proved his innocence. I believe this is completely unfair and could have helped to bring the right person to justice. This alibi claim should have been taken more seriously. Why would a girl who is not close with Adnan make this up?

In the end I believe that Adnan is innocent until he can for sure be proven guilty. The poor police work done could mean that a killer is still out there on the streets. There should have been better justice brought to Hae Min Lee’s case.


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Lullabies For Little Criminals: How It All Begins

The novel I am reading is Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O’Neill. It is about a troubled girl named Baby who is just coming into her teenage years. She has a wide, vivid imagination that is restricted due to the way her life has been played out. She lives with her 25 year father, Jules, in the city of Montreal. They are very poor and move from apartment to apartment in the bad parts of the city.

The author does a great job in representing the poverty this family is experiencing. For example, in the first chapter she does it in both a comedic yet sad way. It says, “Jules made me a cake and brought out a piñata that he’d made by gluing layer upon layer of newspaper on a balloon and painting it white with liquid paper.” (O’Neill 8) This began to give me mental images of their way of life and who they are.

In the novel, Jules has a big drug problem. This has effected the way that Baby has grown up. She has to be more independent and see things that no child should see, like her father being high on heroine. Since drugs are involved in the novel, this leads me to believe the intended audience the author had for this novel was young adults and older. There are things that have occurred in this part of my novel that have shocked me. For example it says, “For a kid, I knew a lot of things about what it felt like to use heroin, just from looking and listening.” (O’Neill 10)

This novel is already truly opening my eyes to how lucky and privileged I am. It is a crazy thing to me that there are kids in real life growing up the same way as Baby is in the story. I have always been grateful, but I realize now how good I truly have it. This book is teaching me a lot about myself.

As soon as I began reading this novel, I became instantly hooked. The author does a great job of describing things and knows how to keep you wanting more. It sparked my lost interest of enjoying reading. I am very excited to see how the rest of the story will play out.


O’Neill, Heather. Lullabies for Little Criminals: A Novel. New York: Harper Perennial, 2006. Print.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Twenty years ago Hae Min Lee was murdered in Baltimore County, Maryland. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed was sentenced life in prison for her murder. The question is, did he really do it?

For awhile now, I have been very interested in watching crime documentaries. I am fascinated at how detectives can work from what seems like no evidence, until one fine detail emerges that will help them solve the mystery.

When we were assigned to listen to this podcast, I was excited because this is something I am interested in. This case felt different somehow. Their case against Adnan was solely based on the inconsistent story told by Adnan’s friend Jay. There was no physical evidence. None of Adnan’s DNA was found on the scene.

To be able to plan a murder where no trace of DNA left behind would be a very smart job for a 17 year old kid. I believe he is innocent based on the fact that they have no proof other than what Sam said.

It is also unfair that there was no investigation into the alibi situation. Asia Mclean claims she saw him at the public library during the time that he would have been murdering her according to Jay’s story. They pretty much brushed any ounce of innocence he had under the carpet.

In conclusion I believe that Adnan Syed did not murder his ex-girlfriend. There is not enough sufficient evidence to convict him and send him away for life. If they were wrong about the accusation, that means the murderer is still out there.

Would You Be Prepared?

I constantly have this topic in the back of my mind. A big scary word that instantly gets my blood pumping and heart pounding. It gives me a feeling of nervousness which a touch of excitement. The concept of University. I always wonder, will I be prepared?

I always struggle choosing my courses for the following school year. I plan on attending University as my post-secondary education. I plan on going into a nursing program. I know with this my prerequisites are the following University courses : Chemistry, Biology, 1 of the maths and English. Why do I need English in such a high level when my future career has nothing to do with writing and what-not?

As I’ve began to get older and the time for me to go off to University is approaching fast, I have came to the realization that maybe University has more to it than I thought. My questions have turned from why do I have to do this?- to- how will this help me? I believe that university-level English will prepare people for what is to come next. Without it, I know I will struggle with writing essays and other things at the right level for success in University.

Prerequisites are in place for a reason. Agree or disagree? In the following article,, it states the importance of prerequisites. It says, “Prerequisites are a way of making sure that students, like you, enter into a course or subject with some prior knowledge. This, not only helps the professor to teach at a certain academic level, but it also helps you to feel more comfortable and confident with the subject matter.” Why would they send us into University feeling unprepared? The education system makes us work hard in high school, rather than letting us get blind-sided when we get to University.

I do believe that having grade 12 university level English as a prerequisite for university programs is important to ensure students are prepared for what is to come. Would you feel prepared to write a university-level essay before taking this course?

The contribution that grade 12 university English will give to towards university preparation and success in university is pretty substantial. If you are successful in high school university courses, you have a greater chance of being successful in university. This Ontario government website,, explains the outcomes of the success found in university.

In conclusion, I do believe this course is valuable and it is a prerequisite for a reason. If you didn’t take this course and were going off to university, would you be prepared?


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Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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