Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Twenty years ago Hae Min Lee was murdered in Baltimore County, Maryland. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed was sentenced life in prison for her murder. The question is, did he really do it?

For awhile now, I have been very interested in watching crime documentaries. I am fascinated at how detectives can work from what seems like no evidence, until one fine detail emerges that will help them solve the mystery.

When we were assigned to listen to this podcast, I was excited because this is something I am interested in. This case felt different somehow. Their case against Adnan was solely based on the inconsistent story told by Adnan’s friend Jay. There was no physical evidence. None of Adnan’s DNA was found on the scene.

To be able to plan a murder where no trace of DNA left behind would be a very smart job for a 17 year old kid. I believe he is innocent based on the fact that they have no proof other than what Sam said.

It is also unfair that there was no investigation into the alibi situation. Asia Mclean claims she saw him at the public library during the time that he would have been murdering her according to Jay’s story. They pretty much brushed any ounce of innocence he had under the carpet.

In conclusion I believe that Adnan Syed did not murder his ex-girlfriend. There is not enough sufficient evidence to convict him and send him away for life. If they were wrong about the accusation, that means the murderer is still out there.

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